The FS 15 VT is the universal solution for the machining of highly complex and voluminous components. Model and composite materials to light metals can be processed.

At the same time, the gantry design with top-mounted gantry offers considerable advantages in terms of dynamics and constant moving masses as well as flexibility in the possible machine size, especially in the longitudinal direction.

The FS 15 VT portal milling machine is a modular machine concept in which different work areas, table concepts and options can be combined. This allows the FS 15 VT to be optimally adapted to the needs of each customer.


Technical data:

X-axis4.000 - 31.000 mm in 1 m steps
Y-axis3.200 - 8.200 mm in 500 mm steps
Z-axis1.600 - 4.000 mm in 300 mm steps
A-axis± 115°
C-axis± 360°
Spindle power12 / 18 kW
Spindle rotation range0 - 24.000 min-1
Controll OSAI - Open M /
Heidenhain i TNC 640



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