Styrofoam hollow milling spindles

Very stable hollow shaft milling spindle for the use of hollow cutters with special flange 78/8. Can be retrofitted with appropriate adapter plates on many machines.

The large bearing distance combined with a large bearing package in the front area provides the necessary rigidity to work well with the usaual today, very long hollow cutter.

Due to the special design of the spindle enough power is available even at low speed. So you habe enough power available at all times.

We now offer a spindle version with reinforced bearings for very long milling tools, as well as a special labyrinth seal against dusts, e.g. concrete dust.


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Technical data

KM 2

KM 3

FS 44


4,5 KW

8,5 KW

4,4 KW

speed constant

6.000 min-1

6.000 min-1

4.000 min-1


400 V

400 V

400 V


8,8 A

16,5 A

8,5 A


150 Hz

337 Hz

100 Hz

tool holder

flange 78/8 mm

flange 78/8 mm

flange 78/8 mm


manual, M90x2

manual, M90x2

manual, M90x2

length with suction connection

412,5 mm

372 mm

529 mm

height with junction box

206 mm

224 mm

200 mm


184 mm

168 mm

193 mm

Extraction connection Ø x length

Ø 50 mm x 39 mm

Ø 50 mm x 39 mm

Ø 40 mm x 50 mm


ca. 31 kg

ca. 26 kg

ca. 35 kg


RAL 7035 light grey

RAL 7035 light grey

RAL 7035 light grey


against dusts

hybrid bearings,
low weight

greater bearing distance

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