Measuring probes

Probe for measuring tool length and diameter. The measurement result is automatically applied as a correction to the program/code for the tool path.



Laser probe

contactless measuring of all types and forms of tools as well as cutting materials

Probe for component measuring

Probe for component measuring with radio data transmission.

Vacuum pump

Oil, vane or ejector vacuum pump with a capacity of 100 to 500 m³/h.

Zusätzliche Optionen FS 10 ST FS 10 GT FS 15 VTS FS 15 VTM FS 15 VTL FS 20 BT FS 20 BT
TT 160
TS 460
Vacuum pump
minimal quantity lubrication - -
direct measuring system - (A,C)
automatic measuring system

● Standard; ○ Optional; - nicht Verfügbar

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