Plaincutters from diameter 100mm are available as hollow milling cutters with internal suction and flange 78/8 with union nut for hollow milling spindle.
Available as Styrospeed HS or rasp face milling cutter in axial lengths up to 300mm.

Also available in a simple version as a rasp disc milling cutter made of aluminium with cylindrical shank.

Available clamping variants:

In the standard version, we supply the hollow plaincutters with a 78/8 mm disc flange and a permanently installed union nut.

Optionally, direct images HSK, SK, ISO, BT, QGS or other common formats are possible. The latter also with gripper groove for use with a tool changer. Alternatively, the hollow face milling cutters can also be clamped with adapters.

We offer the appropriate adapters for all common mounts such as HSK, SK or others. Disadvantage of the adapter clamping: with the same cutting edge length, the tool incl. adapter builds up considerably longer in axial direction than with direct mounting.

The simpler rasp disc milling cutters are supplied with a cylindrical shank for clamping by means of collets.

diameter (mm) / length (mm)100150200

● standard; ○ optional; - not available

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