FS 10 GT is a five-axes CNC machining center designed for heavy and complex 3D workpiece machining, such as casting moulds, patterns or composite laminates products. Very high stiffness construction is provided by an innovative dual mobile gantry, that allows efficient machining of aluminum alloy, plastics and solid wood with maintaining the excellent quality of the machined surfaces.

Direct position measurement system On Client's request the machine can be equipped with absolute linear system. Direct position measurement allows increasing significantly the CNC machine precision parameters. This option is particularly recommended for precise aluminum alloys machining.


Technical data:

X-axis2.400 / 3.100 - 7.100 mm*
Y-axis1.700 / 2.100 / 2.600 mm
Z-axis700 / 1.000 / 1.300 mm
A-axis± 115°
C-axis± 360°
Spindle power9 / 12 / 18 kW
Spindle rotation range0 - 24.000 min-1
Controll OSAI - Open M /
Heidenhain i TNC 640
Standard ranges Ca. 5.800 x 4.300 x 4.500 mm



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