Styrofoam shredder

The shredder brakes up big parts of styrofoam, EPS and similar materials with a maximum density of 30 kg/m³. The shredder reduces the volume by about 65%.

Because the housing is fully galvanized you can also use the shredder outside. It is also possible to shred wet and aggressive materials without the shredder taking damage.

In conclusion this machine is usable in the industrie, wholesale and also retail trade where you work with packing material.

Sieb 5 mm*:<= 1 m³/h
sieve10 mm:about 3 m³/h
sieve 15 mm*:about 5 m³/h
sieve 20 mm:about 8 m³/h
sieve 30 mm:about 13 m³/h
sieve 40 mm:about 18 m³/h
sieve 50 mm:about 23 m³/h

Depending on the sieve set only just the shredding gives you a reduction in volume from 3:1.

The on purchase chosen sieve can also be exchanged subsequently. With that you can adjust the shredder to use it for a briquette press or to hook it to a suction system. 

*Custom- made for a surcharge with a delivery time of about 4 weeks. Different intermediate sizes also possible !

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