FS 10 ST


FS 10 ST machining center of 6 axes interpolated is designed for machining of 3D partsx moulds and patterns made of solid wood, plywood, MDF, PU foam, polyester and epoxy resins composites, aluminum or materials of similar hardness.

That kind of the CNC machine concept containing a fixed table of solid surface and mobile gantry is perfect for machining of complex moulds and patterns, demanding a very high precision level.

Mobile gantry construction (single or doubled) is selected according to the intended us of the machine.


Technical data:

X-axis2.400 / 3.100 - 7.100 mm*
Y-axis1.700 / 2.100 / 2.600 mm
Z-axis700 / 1.000 / 1.300 mm
A-axis± 115°
C-axis± 360°
Spindle power9 / 12 / 18 kW
Spindle rotation range0 - 24.000 min-1
Controll OSAI - Open M /
Heidenhain i TNC 640
Standard ranges Ca. 6.400 x 4.300 x 4.000 mm



Table with "T" grooves
Raster table
Vacuum table
Table with thread grid

Additional options

Measuring probe
Probe for component measuring

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