Polysterene Press

With an innovative technology, the press compacts bulky foam waste from EPS (Styropor®) into easy-to-handle blocks in an extremely economical way.

The extreme volume reduction achieved in a ratio of up to 40: 1 not only saves a considerable amount of transport and disposal costs, but the blocks produced are also recyclable as raw materials and contribute to rapid amortization.

  • Long service life thanks to robustly designed drive technology
  • Efficient operation thanks to fully automatic pressure regulation, with predetermined breaking point function and individually programmable block length
  • Hours of operation without overheating and merging with optional water-cooled pressure channel
  • Convenient, fully automatic mode of operation thanks to state-of-the-art control
  • High efficiency due to low operating and maintenance costs
  • Easy commissioning through plug-in delivery



Model130 S200 S
Througput10 - 20 kg/h40 - 60 kg/h
Suitable materialEPS, XPS, PUR HartschaumEPS, XPS, PUR Hartschaum
Processible material densities10 - 25 kg/m³10 - 30 kg/m³
Daily volumes40 - 80 kg/m³100 - 400 kg/m³
Compressions200 - 250 kg/m³200 - 350 kg/m³
Block dimensions130 x 130 mm210 x 210 mm
Filling connectorØ 400 mmØ 400 / 600 mm
Dimensions L x B x H3.350 x 955 x 975 mm3.689 x 1.061 x 1.255 mm
Installed engine power1,5 kW

6,2 kW

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