Depending on the screen size, a volume reduction of 3 : 1 takes place solely by crushing your polystyrene leftovers.

The screens chosen at the time of purchase can be replaced by another one at any time. So you can adjust the system in retrospect for a briquetting press or to connect to a suction system.


Polystyrene Shredder

The shredder breaks large bulky polystyrene and EPS pieces into small pieces.The machine is ideal for industrial companies as well as for wholesaling and retailing of polystyrene packaging materials.

Technical Data:

Power:                                                        1,5 kW
Electrical supply:                     3 x 400V 50Hz 16A

Noise:                                                            70 dB
Max density:                                             30 kg/m³
Dimensions:                 1.005 x 1.220 x 2.120 mm
Hopper dimensions:                        548 x 552 mm
Weight:                                                         235 kg

Filling height:                                           1.800 mm


10 mm screen ca. 3 m³/h
20 mm screen ca. 8 m³/h
30 mm screen ca. 13 m³/h
40 mm screen ca. 18 m³/h
50 mm screen ca. 23 m³/h

We recommend a 10mmm or 20mm screen if you would like to process the material with a briquetting press afterwards.

Sieb 5 mm*:<= 1 m³/h
Sieb 10 mm:ca. 3 m³/h
Sieb 15 mm*:ca. 5 m³/h
Sieb 20 mm:ca. 8 m³/h
Sieb 30 mm:ca. 13 m³/h
Sieb 40 mm:ca. 18 m³/h
Sieb 50 mm:ca. 23 m³/h

*Sonderanfertigung gegen Aufpreis mit ca. 4 Wochen Lieferzeit. Weitere Zwischengrößen ebenfalls möglich!

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