Styrotec – DYNAMIC

Designed for the typical use in the model and mould making industry. From the milling of wood, plastics and ligth aluminium to trimming of carbon fibre parts up to milling of polysteren and foams, all is possible with the 5-axes FS 10 portal milling machine. The classical portal design with the stationary machine bed and the driven portal provides significant advantages concerning rigidity, constant moving masses and offers optimum accessibility for loading the worktable. The Dynamic is a modular machine conception with the possibility of combining various working ranges, different table concepts with a lot of other options. So the FS 10 – dynamic is the flexible solution for all the customers needs. With varius machine table concepts like vacuum-, aluminium- or steel table with T-slots, the perfect solution for all clamping needs will be offered. Reasonal options like automatic toolchanger, touch probes or extractions covers all application fields. With the enclosed working zone it is very easy to connect a dustextraction for removing the milling dust.