Accessories hollow cutters

All around the hollow cutters with offer a hugh amount of accessories as follows.

Collet holder for hollow spindles

Enables the clamping of conventional cutters at hollow spindles with flange 78/8.

Two different sizes are available.

ER 32 with collets from 3 – 20 mm.

ER 40 with collets from 4 – 25 mm.

Hollow cutter extension

Enables the extension of hollow cutters from extra 100 to 300 mm.
For flange 78/8, cap nut included at the extension.

HSK-, SK-, BT-, MK- or other adapter

Enables the clamping of hollow cutters on all other milling machines, specially on 5-axis machines.
Adapters are for almost all fittings available.

In combination with an exhaust bell and a high performance extraction like our ST 55 the exhausting of the chips through hollow cutters and around the spindle is then possible.

Exhaust bells see category “accessories polysterene milling”.