Face mill cutters

Face mill cutters from diameter 100mm on are available as hollow cutters with inner exhausting for flange 78/8 with cap nut for use with hollow milling spindles. As Styrospeed HS or rasp face mill. Axial length up to 300mm.

In basic version also as rasp disc mill out of aluminium with cylindershank clamping.

Available clamping versions

In the standard version the hollow face mill cutters come with the 78/8 disc-flange and a already integratted cap nut

Optionally we supply HSK-, SK-, ISO-, BT-, MK-, QGS- or other direct fittings. The direct-fittings also as version with grapper rill for automatic toolchanger. Alternatively the hollow face mill cutters can be clamped with adapters

For all common fittings we have the right adapter. The disadvantage of clamping with adapters is, that with the same length of cutting edge compare to cutter with direct fitting, the over all axial length incl. adapter is clearly longer. This means less rigidity

The basic rasp disc cutters come with cylindershank for clamping with collets.